• Engineering. Innovative activity. Implementation of scientific and technical programs based on the development and implementation of new materials, technologies, structures, rigging, and appliances.

• Practical realization of cooperative supplies, optimization of selection of partners in subcontracting for enterprises of the machine-building industry for various types of metal processing.

Our specialists have high qualifications and experience in various fields: engineering, aerospace, nuclear and aviation.

They have good cooperation with the enterprises of machine building in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.

We use and introduce new unique processing technologies for various materials – graphite, special steels, aluminum, titanium, copper and their alloys; Including diffusion and electron beam welding, laser cutting, etc.

We develop original, unique designs and technologies for their manufacture.

The quality of our products is controlled by various types of tests, including all kinds of nondestructive testing, pneumatic and hydrotesting, high-speed acceleration (up to 12,000 rpm) strength tests.

We are exporters of engineering products for more than 10 years, laureates of the “Exporter of the Year in St. Petersburg 2016”

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