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“”We have extensive experience with machine manufacturers and subcontracting centers of Saint-Petersburg, North-West region and other regions of Russia in the field of cooperation and specialization of production. We created a regional network of subcontracting, which covers more than 350 enterprises”.”

CEO of OOO “TCN” V. I. Leonov

The limited liability company “Technocenter “Nevsky” (hereinafter TCN) was established in 2013 and is the successor of OOO “PSKTS”, organizer of the regional network of subcontracting, created with the support of Administration of St.-Petersburg. The company is a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (employers), chamber of Commerce. The company employs experienced engineers and specialists in various areas of Metalworking.

The main activities OOO “TCN” in the industrial sector:

  • Supply to domestic market and exports of cast and welded components of titanium and alloys for aviation, shipbuilding, power engineering industries.
  • Manufacture of different designs for the engineering of various materials – steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium alloys according to customer drawings.
  • Search and selection of partners for certain types of manufacturing operations.
  • Engineering. Innovation. The development and introduction of new materials, technologies, designs, tooling, fixtures.
  • Practical implementation of cooperative supply, optimizing the selection of partners subcontracting for companies in the engineering industry for different types of metal.

Each order is subject to engineering design, production and technical monitoring and analysis of the design documentation. Using database of the regional network of industrial subcontracting, we are able to optimize the timing, prices and quality supply of products.

We use new and unique technology of processing of various materials – graphite, special steels, titanium, aluminum alloys, copper and their alloys, including diffusion and electron beam welding, laser and waterjet cutting etc.

The product quality is controlled in accordance with the design documentation, including using different types of tests, which includes all types of NDT, pneumatic and hydrostatic testing, overclocking high-speed (up to 12 thousand Rev/min) strength tests.

We supply our products for EXPORT: we export to Finland firms “Ecopump” and “Aslemetals OY”. Our specialists have high qualification and experience in a variety of industries: engineering, aerospace, nuclear and aviation. Preparation, production organization, quality control is performed in accordance with the requirements in these industries and are certified annually. The company has a certificate of quality management.

Subcontracting, combined with innovation is the path to effective development of industrial production! A new level of mutually beneficial cooperation!

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